Garaventa Lift Repairs

Should you have a need to enlist the services of a technician to repair your equipment, you can rest assured that there is an authorized Garaventa Lift technician serving your area.

Garaventa Lift technicians are trained specifically to diagnose and repair Garaventa Lifts and Elevators. Once they have demonstrated that they are proficient and have passed a in-depth final exam, they are certified to install, maintain and repair Garaventa Lifts and Elevators.

Lift and elevator technicians are also typically licensed to perform work on this type of equipment by the local authorities having jurisdiction. Normally, this is the state elevator inspection agency.

However, just because a technician is a licensed elevator technician does not mean that he or she is familiar with all types of lifts and elevators. It is strongly recommended that owners of Garaventa Lifts and Elevators use factory-trained and authorized Garaventa Lift technicians exclusively to perform repairs and maintenance.