Maintenance of your Lift

Garaventa Lift Maintenance

Newly installed Garaventa lifts are provided with warranty coverage for the replacement of parts and materials specified in our manufacturers warranty documents. The warranty provided is not a preventative maintenance program or service coverage program.

A proper preventative maintenance program is required to maintain the equipment in proper and safe operating condition. Periodic, scheduled, preventative maintenance visits by factory trained licensed technicians are required to conduct necessary cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and minor repairs to ensure that your lift or elevator is kept in proper operating condition. Preventative maintenance will extend the life span of your equipment and minimize costly service work not covered by warranty or maintenance.

Protect Your Investment and Ensure Reliable Operation:

  • Scheduled Maintenance Planning
  • Budgeted Maintenance Cost
  • Automated Maintenance and Service Records
  • Flexible Coverage
  • Automatic Renewal

Scheduled Maintenance Planning:

You will know in advance when the required schedule preventative maintenance is due. We provide all the scheduling needed to ensure optimum use of your maintenance dollar.

Budgeted Maintenance Cost:

You will know exactly what your maintenance cost will be because your maintenance is billed on a cycle that you select. No surprises. We set our fee for the duration of the agreement.

Automated Maintenance and Service Records:

All maintenance visits and service work visits are logged into our automated system. Your maintenance record or report is always up to date and available to you upon request.

Flexibility of Coverage:

Tailor the preventative program to suit your needs. Choose monthly, quarterly or semi-annual programs. We will help you select the plan that matches the intensity of the use of your equipment.

Automatic Renewal:

Your preventative maintenance program agreement will renew automatically with no lapses in coverage.