Features of the Genesis OPAL Model

The Genesis OPAL Model vertical wheelchair lift is equipped with many standard features. Some of these features are listed below. For a more extensive list of features, contact your local Garaventa Lift Representative or refer to the Genesis OPAL Design and Planning Guide .


The lower gate of the Genesis OPAL is mounted onto the platform deck and travels from landing to landing. The upper gate is fastened to the upper landing creating a safety barrier when the platform is not at the upper landing.

Gate Interlocks

The OPAL is equipped with a durable mechanical interlock system that is electrically monitored. When the platform is not at the landing the mechanical interlock will not allow the gate to be opened.

Drive System

A choice of two Drive Systems:

  1. Leadscrew Drive with a 2 HP Motor
  2. Hydraulic Drive with a 3 HP Motor - Continuous Mains Power with auxiliary power system

Lifting Height

Two different lifting heights to a maximum of 1600mm (63").

Call Stations

The standard call station is key-less and operates with continuous pressure rocker switches.

Electro-mechanical Interlocks

These interlocks ensure the gate is closed before travel.

Platform Controls

Consist of a directional rocker switch with an emergency stop/alarm switch and is key-less.

Under Platform Safety Pan

Five commercial grade waterproof safety switches will stop the platform should it encounter an obstruction.


The standard finish for the OPAL is anodized aluminum extrusions with fine textured Satin Grey Panels.

Manual Emergency Lowering

(Hydraulic Model Only)

The manual emergency lowering device consists of a pull knob mounted in a box on the side of the mast. When this device is used the platform is lowered to the desired landing.

Manually Emergency Lowering Hand wheel

(Lead Screw Only)

A hand wheel is attached to the lift and is used to manually lower the lift to the landing in the case of a power outage.