Elvoron CPL Vertical Platform Lift Specifications

Important Notice to Architects and Specifiers :
This page contains specification templates and a link to a Spec Wizard tool. These allow you to quickly and easily develop a Garaventa Lift specification for your project. Be aware that the code requirements vary extensively from one jurisdiction to another and therefore affect the specification. Also, the application of these products to certain sites can be complex and often requires good product knowledge. We highly recommend that you work with the local authorized Garaventa Lift Representative to develop specifications suitable for each jurisdiction and site.

New CSI Format Specs Now Available!

Need design help? Working closely with a professional spec writer we have developed a new generation of specifications. The new specs follow the three-part format used by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) allowing them to be easily incorporated into master specifications developed by architects and spec writers.

The specs are written in Microsoft Word format allowing use of the HIDDEN TEXT feature of this program. This HIDDEN TEXT appears in bold pink lettering throughout the spec document as instructions to the specifier. It appears wherever a selection is required and often includes helpful information.

The spec documents are programmed so that paragraph numbering automatically resets whenever a paragraph is deleted.

When this editing is complete, then the HIDDEN TEXT can be made to disappear by using the commands in TOOLS / OPTIONS / VIEW. Simply un-tick the HIDDEN TEXT box and the pink instructional text disappears. The result is a clean spec document ready for use.

Elvoron CPL 3-part Specification
DOWNLOAD (Microsoft Word file)

Introducing Spec Wizard - Make Custom Specs in Minutes!

We worked closely with ARCAT professionals to develop the new CSI format specs listed above. Then we took it a step further and had web programmers load our spec paragraphs into an on-line database. By simply working down a checklist of features and options you can select the appropriate spec paragraphs you want to appear in your document. When you get to the bottom of the checklist, simply click on the Word or Word Perfect icon and presto, you have an instant custom platform lift specification!

Go to Spec Wizard for the Elvoron CPL Vertical Platform Lift