Architect Resources for the Artira

Here are the items that are available for download for the Artira inclined platform lift. For more extensive information, please contact Garaventa Lift .

Artira Design Specifications

Garaventa Lift Product Specification

Artira 3-part Design Specifications
Artira Spec Wizard
These two links will create Design Specifications. The 3-part specification is a customizable Word document. The spec wizard allows you to choose options and also creates a customizable Word document, this time with the chosen options included and conflicting options omitted.

Design and Planning Guide

Artira - Design and Planning Guide

Artira Design and Planning Guide
This guide will help you to identify major system components and space requirements. Structural and electrical requirements are also included.

Artira Required Turning Clearances
Lower Landing Configurations

Artira Lower Landing Configurations and Required Lower Landing Clearances
Lower Landing Configurations
Lower Landing Clearances

Upper Landing Configurations
Upper Landing Drive Configurations
Upper Landing Platform Storage Requirements

Wall Height Requirements
Wall Height Requirements for Direct Mounting

Artira Minimum Overhead Clearance Requirements for Code Requirements
Overhead Clearance Requirements