How much do home elevators cost?

Home Elevator Price Quotation This is similar to asking, "how much do cars cost?" There is a pretty wide range, depending on a number of factors. Generally speaking, in most parts of North America, two-stop home elevators start in the range of $20,000 installed. Typical installations cost between $19,000 and $39,000 .

So what are the factors that affect the price of a home elevator?

  • The cab finishes - cab walls can be made of glass, wood paneling, veneer or melamine. In many cases, builders order cabs with unfinished mdf walls and build finished cab walls themselves. The cost of the various options varies dramatically.
  • The drive system - hydraulic drive systems are normally slightly more expensive than in-line drive systems, also called counterweight systems.
  • The jobsite location - if your house is in a remote location, you can expect to pay more to cover the cost of travel for the installation crew.
  • The number of floors being serviced - elevators installed in residences can go from two stops to six. Each stop requires an interlock attached to the door and adjustments for leveling. The cost for an additional floor is usually $1000 to $1500.
  • The length of travel required . Normally, home elevators can travel up to 50 feet. The cost associated with the length of travel is usually about $200 / foot.
  • The number of cab entrances - some elevators are configured with entrances on more than one side of the elevator cab. Additional openings will add cost.
  • The type of cab entrance - Some residential elevators are available with sliding doors, much like a commercial elevator. This style of elevator entrance adds cost. Sliding doors can be used as car entrances and/or landing doors.
  • The level of automation - powered gate operators and power swing door operators are popular options. These will also add expense for each entrance.
  • Customization - if your plans include customization of your elevator to match fixture finishes or special sizes, you can expect to pay a small premium. Manufacturers make home elevators to order, so it is not always costly to order custom features.