Evacu-Trac Evacuation Chair Specifications

Desgin Specifications

1.1 Model Type

The evacuation chair shall be a Garaventa Evacu-Trac.

1.2 Descent Speed Control Mechanism

The evacuation chair shall be equipped with a mechanical device that controls the descent speed to a range that is safe for the passenger and the operator. Descent speed may vary slightly based on passenger weight and stair angle. As a standard measurement, on a stair slope of 35 degrees and with a passenger of 220 lbs. (100kg), the speed control mechanism shall limit the descent speed to a maximum of 1.1m (3.6 ft)/sec. This descent speed control mechanism shall limit the maximum speed regardless of the operating environment or strength and size of the operator.

1.3 Rubber Belt Design

The evacuation chair shall have rubber crawler belts to grip the stair noses. The belts shall have lugs or treads to ensure positive traction with the stair noses. The rubber crawler belts shall have integrated steel wires that minimize the likelihood of stretching or breakage.

1.4 Carrying Capacity and Stair Angle

The evacuation chair shall be able to carry passengers weighing up to 300 lbs. (136kg) on a stair slope of up to 40 degrees.

1.5 Passenger Size Accommodation

The evacuation chair shall be designed so that it does not unduly limit the physical dimensions of passengers that can be carried. The seating sling shall be open on the sides and shall not be designed with bars that surround or restrict the seating area.

1.6 Passenger Restraining Straps

The Evacuation Chair shall be equipped with three (3) safety straps to ensure the passenger will be securely restrained in the chair. The safety straps shall secure the passengers legs, mid-section, and chest and arms.

1.7 Parking Brake and Stability on Flat Surfaces

When occupied by a passenger, the Evacuation Chairs must be able to remain stable and stationary when left unattended on flat surfaces. The Evacuation Chair shall include a brake system that will prevent it from rolling when unattended in the parked position.

1.8 Emergency Brake and Stability on Stairs

The Evacuation Chair shall be equipped with a secondary, fail-safe, emergency braking system, in addition to the main speed control system. While a passenger occupies it, the Device must be able to come to a complete stop on the stairway. It shall be sufficiently stable to remain momentarily unattended. The Evacuation Chair shall be able to go from a speed of 3.6-ft per/sec to a complete stop within 1 second, without assistance from the operator.

1.9 Ease of Transfer

The Evacuation Chair must be designed so that in the majority of instances, one person trained in proper transferring procedures can single-handedly transfer the passenger into it from a wheelchair. The Evacuation Chair's seating position shall not be higher than 12 inches from the floor to the lowest point of the seat sling. The Evacuation Chair shall be designed with open-sides (without sidebars) to make the transfer of the passenger easy.

1.10 Usability and Operator Size / Strength Requirements

The Evacuation Device shall be operable, down stairs and across landings with a passenger in place, by one person who has a smaller physical size than the passenger. Size and strength of the operator shall not be a factor in safe operation of the Device.

1.11 Weight

The weight of the evacuation chair shall not exceed 46 lbs.

1.12 Seating Material

The seating material shall be composed of fire retardant fabric.

1.13 Storage Cabinet (Optional)

Each Evacuation Chair shall be supplied with a steel cabinet that will be used to store the Evacuation Chair when not in use. The cabinet shall be made of steel with an electro statically applied baked powder finish. The storage cabinet shall include labeling identifying the contents. The storage cabinet shall be 46.3 inches high, 21.0 inches wide, and 13.0 inches deep.

This specification has been prepared by Garaventa Lift to provide design and operational criteria for Emergency Evacuation Chairs.

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