Welcome to Garaventa Lift BC

Garaventa Lift BC is a factory owned branch of Garaventa Lift, a world-wide leader in the development, design and manufacture of wheelchair lifts and home elevators for the past 30 years.

With one of our main factories located in Surrey, BC, Garaventa Lift BC benefits from having the most accomplished factory design and installation expertise in the world close at hand. This has factory benefits, also. Field testing of new products, and feedback direct from the installation crews to the factory provide input into our ISO-certified quality management system. Our commitment to quality results in home elevators and lifts manufactured with unsurpassed safety and reliability.

Whether you are building a your dream home on Vancouver Island, or simply renovating to allow for accessibility in an existing building, Garaventa Lift BC offers the widest range of solutions. We serve all areas of BC and have our main showroom located in Port Moody. Garaventa Lift BC also has a sales office located in Victoria, and are also active in the Okanagan, Kootenays, Peace Country and North Coast regions

The mission of Garaventa Lift BC is to provide affordable, safe and code compliant solutions. Garaventa Lift products include:

  • LULA (Limited Use Limited Application) Elevators (Elvoron LU/LA Elevator)
  • Home Elevators (Elvoron Home Elevator, Elvoron Stella Luxury Elevator)
  • Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts (Artira, Xpress II)
  • Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lifts (Genesis Enclosure, Genesis Shaftway, Genesis OPAL, Elvoron CPL Titan)
  • Stairway Chairlifts (Seatlifts)
  • Portable Wheelchair Lifts (Genesis STAAGE, Super-Trac, Stair-Trac)
  • Dumbwaiters (Dumbwaiter)
  • Emergency Evacuation Chairs (Evacu-Trac)

Garaventa Lift BC is available to assist you with the various stages of your project from site evaluation and product selection to installation and inspection. Additionally, Garaventa Lift BC provides exceptional after sales support through our service department, warranty packages and preventative maintenance agreements. Please contact our sales team today for assistance with your project at 1-800-565-6636 or email us at info@garaventabc.com.

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Garaventa Lift BC

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Email: productinfo@garaventalift.com

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