Garaventa Lift’s Paul Bryan Interviewed by Mike McCardell on Global News

Paul Bryan of Garaventa Lift is interviewed here by Mike McCardell of Global Television News in Vancouver.

For those of you who know Paul, this will definitely bring a smile to your face.

There are not very many people who have been with Garaventa Lift for longer than Paul Bryan. He has been a mentor to many of us and has been generous with the wisdom he has gained over the years. We are all very proud of how he represents Garaventa Lift.

Many of us have known Paul for so long that we sometimes forget how many obstacles he overcomes on a daily basis. Thank you, Mike McCardell, for putting it into perspective for all of us.


NAEC Dinner in New Orleans

We want to express our thanks to Bernard Langois and his family, who hosted Garaventa Lift staff and a few select dealers during the recent NAEC show in New Orleans. Bernard is a relatively new Garaventa Lift dealer, but we know that with his great customer relations skills and his excellent technical aptitude, we will be partners for years to come.

The Langois’ served up a traditional family favorite: the massive shrimp boil. It took 2 guys just to pick up the strainer pot and pour out all of that fantastic food onto the picnic table (see video). From there, we just picked away at it. It was fantastic!

As many families do down on the Bayou, Madame Langois and her family host regular family cookouts. Over the years, they have developed lots of great recipes and they have even published their own family cookbook with some amazing creole cooking.

A giant thank you to Madame Langois, Bernard and the rest of the family for being such excellent hosts! And an even bigger thanks for sharing all of your recipes.

Check out the Video of the Cookout!

Making Schools in Broward County More Accessible

Broward County School district is the sixth largest in the US and the second largest in South Florida. It is estimated that 8% of students in the district have a mobility related disability. Given their numbers, there has been a significant amount of effort and planning put in to accommodate their needs.

During the past few years the percentage of students requiring acceptable accessibility equipment  has increased. Despite the economic downturn, enrollment in schools has also increased due to population arrivals from the boom over the last ten years in South Florida. BCCS had to accelerate plans to accommodate students moving through the education system. This, combined with recent budget and staff reductions, has proven to be a testament in diligence and patience. Capitol budget funding and monies directed for the ADA provisions are scrutinized at all levels before being voted on by the board. Therefore, plans are being restructured to accommodate the most urgent needs, and some private funding has been required to complete projects that are already underway.

With the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year, efforts have resumed to complete several projects. This includes finding a solution to our  local high schools concern regarding accessibility to their stadium press box’s. Although this has been a needed accessibility project, the high cost of adding commercial elevators has kept projects of this nature on hold. Garaventa Lift Florida proposed the Artira inclined platform  lift for these projects. The Artira model was closely examined by school architects, and building plan reviewers, to see if it would be an accessibility solution. The projects were recently approved, and the Artira’s will be installed this fall. Finally providing needed accessibility to those students with mobility related disabilities.

The press box accessibility issue is common, and the cost of adding an elevator continues to keep school districts from purchasing any accessibility equipment. The Artia provides a cost effective to these accessibility issues. Bleacher companies are also unfamiliar with the act of providing a design to add needed accessibility.  Garaventa Lift is working with these  companies to provide this access through both the factory and local efforts.  The BCCS projects have succeeded in providing needed accessibility by working with the local school district, the general contractors, and the bleacher manufacturers.  This collaborative effort also resulted in the savings of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for each school. The money each school saved provided needed funding for other accessibility projects within the school district.  Garaventa Lift  remains a trusted and respected vendor of accessibility equipment, and continues to work on upcoming design projects with the Broward County School district.