Garaventa Elvoron Home Elevator Machine Room-less Drive System Released

Garaventa Elvoron Home ElevatorAre you considering building a new home? Perhaps you have already started the process. For most of us, building a new home starts with a list of “must haves” and a list of “nice to haves”. Maybe there is even a list of a few luxuries that you want to choose from.

Some elements of a new home have transitioned over the years from being considered luxuries to being commonplace additions to today’s custom home designs. One of those elements is a home elevator. Once thought to be an item exclusively for the rich and opulent, home elevators are becoming increasingly common within both contemporary and traditional home designs.

The benefits are clear. Since most new homes are constructed with multiple levels, the addition of a home elevator allows visitors and everyone in the family continued access to the entire house, even after their mobility is compromised due to illness, injury or advancing age.

You may be concerned with the cost of a home elevator. After all, aren’t home elevators expensive? They are not as expensive as you might think. Some of the factors that affect the price are the kind of machine you are purchasing, the interior finish options chosen, the floor-to-floor travel distance and the remoteness of the installation site. When you consider that a home elevator quickly becomes one of the most-often used elements of your new home, the investment is wise. Adding a home elevator to your home will increase the resale value of your home up to 10% while being extremely practical. They essentially pay for themselves! Not only does a home elevator allow for increased access, it can help to avoid injury or damage when transporting objects from one floor to the next.

Another concern may be the space it takes to incorporate a lift or elevator into either an existing home or new home plans. Home owners worry about whether there is enough space, or if the room available can have a home elevator customized to fit. Traditional hydraulic drive systems are great for premium ride quality and commercial grade components. However, hydraulic drive systems also require dedicated machine room space for the drive unit.

Garaventa Lift is proud to announce the release of an excellent solution, the new Machine Room-Less drive option for the Elvoron Home Elevator. With customizable cab sizes, the ability to remotely locate its control box, and the elimination of the need for a machine room; the Elvoron Home Elevator with the machine room-less drive option is the ultimate space-saving solution.

Designed using high quality components and technology that have been well proven, the Elvoron Home Elevator machine room-less drive also represents excellent value; legendary Garaventa Lift quality combined with a simple, cost-effective design. The generously-spaced modular rail system provides rigid stability and a smoother and quieter ride than other machine room-less home elevators on the market. Another benefit: It is straight-forward and fast to install!

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